oh hi it’s been a while. some typographic hierarchy stuff for class.

hierarchy using: texture, direction, size, space, and weight.

these came today! :) 

Broad Center Design

-check on actual blog for the embed-

Last semester, we were asked to design the interior environment of the Broad Center! It’s pretty cool, and I am always wowed by my classmates’ skills in comparison to my poor skills. Anyways, check it out! My personal designs are on page.. 78!

behind, behind~ but here’s some sketches of hands. hands are hard. the right page is me thinking about the ‘dragon claw’ sabo makes. at first i thought- my pinky and index finger like to be independent! the middle and ring finger are joined! and dragons have 3 talons in front anyway! but recently i’ve begun to do it the way oda drew it. oh well.
Wow I got behind… I’m not that great at vehicles… but yeah.
DAY SIX: FALL (ing with purpose)
I actually really wanted to animate this… no time today though. it’s a fox falling into the snow… looking for mice to eat D:<
his hair stands up. maybe too much. i kinda wanted it to be like in spirited away you know. when chihiro’s hair goes up when she sniffs that stink spirit… but maybe it doesnt work here. haha.
DAY FOUR: DOGS (specifically, a fox) wow i haven’t painted in foreverrr.
sorry this is a day late!
oops I missed yesterday :( i had a stomachache so i just slept. i’ll make up for it today. here’s a clip of something i’m animating. it’s a person falling! lol.
DAY THREE: SWORDS (& mulan!) man, I love animating action-y bits.